If you're a tennis enthusiast living in the tropical or subtropical region of Australia, where rainfall is high and the weather is hot, you may be wondering whether it's possible for you to get a tennis court installed on your property. While it's true that traditional grass courts, as well as many other surfaces like clay, aren't well-suited to your climate, you can definitely get your own tennis court if you opt for a synthetic grass tennis court. Here are 3 reasons why synthetic grass is the best choice for you.

It Drains Better

Anyone who's ever walked through grass after a rain shower knows that the experience can be a slippery, muddy mess. Playing tennis on wet grass is even worse given the fast movements needed. Unlike real grass, synthetic grass tennis courts have great drainage systems that soak up rainfall. This means you'll be able to play tennis again as soon as the rain is over without worrying about mess or injury. Considering the monsoon season tropical Australia faces, synthetic grass is definitely the ideal choice for minimal downtime.

It Doesn't Dry Out

When it's not monsoon season, real grass can dry out quickly in the hot regions of Australia. This leads to an unsightly surface that crumbles under your feet as you play, which could potentially lead to injury. While you can water the grass to keep it fresh, this can be expensive and leads to the same problem as above: downtime due to moisture. Artificial grass, on the other hand, doesn't need maintenance to keep it from drying out. While synthetic grass courts can heat up in the sun because they lack the natural cooling ability of real grass, you can combat this problem with shade from trees or artificial sails.  You can also give your synthetic court a light sprinkling of water to cool it down, and you won't have to wait for it to drain like you would with real grass.

It's Low Maintenance

The last thing any tennis player wants to do when it's hot or wet is spend hours preening their court to get it into shape. Synthetic courts are ideal for tropics-dwellers because they need far less maintenance than real grass courts. They don't need any irrigation. All you need to do regularly is clear debris, drag the surface to level infill and occasionally apply a treatment to kill any mould or algae.