Building a home tennis court is a great way to improve your tennis game. It allows you to step on the court whenever you want for your practice matches right at home. A variety of surfacing systems exist for home tennis courts. Each surface type has specific qualities, which have a significant impact on your game. It is, therefore, important to consider your playing style when choosing a tennis court surface for your needs.

Hard courts are an ideal choice for residential applications because they can be customised for speed to suit almost everyone's playing style. In addition to this quality, these courts provide the following essential benefits to home tennis court owners.

Require minimal maintenance. 

All tennis courts require some level of care and upkeep to remain in good playing condition and keep looking pristine.

Hard courts are virtually maintenance-free. These tennis courts don't get ruined as easily as natural turf when subjected to heavy use. They also don't require watering and rolling like clay to maintain ideal playing conditions. 

All you need to do to keep your hardcourt in optimal playing condition is to keep it clean and dry. Don't worry about the rain wetting the playing surface — hard courts are designed to drain and dry off quickly after a storm.

Suitable for multi-sport use.

Want to try out different sports at home?

If you have a limited amount of space on your residential property, it can be difficult to create space for the construction of multiple courts onsite. Even if you have a sizeable lot, building a separate court for every sport can be downright cost-prohibitive. 

Building a hard-surfaced tennis court can give you the option of using a single court for playing tennis, basketball and other sports that you love.

Available in a variety of colour options.

While blue might be the colour that you see a lot on professional tennis hard courts, it's not the only colour choice available. Tennis court surface coatings come in a vast selection of colour choices so you can create the exact look you want for your court.

When matching a surface colour to your court, make sure it's available in the coating that matches the performance specifications of the court. Where a precise colour match is desired, refer to a colour sample.

If you think that a hard court is right for your needs, talk to a tennis court construction contractor to discuss your project.