Even if you enjoy playing tennis, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a regular practice. Here are two ways to increase the frequency with which you play.

Build a tennis court on your property

If you are an extremely committed tennis player and you have quite a bit of money to spare, it might be worth having a tennis court built on your property.

This a big expense; however, if you love tennis and are confident that you, your friends and your family would use the court on a regular basis, it could be a great investment.

Having a tennis court located just metres away from your house could make it much easier to practice on a daily basis. Rather than having to try to motivate yourself to drive to and from the local tennis club before or after work, you could simply roll out of bed in the morning, throw on some sportswear and begin your practice session in a matter of minutes.

This ease of access could make all the difference to your performance on the court, as the time and energy you would have otherwise spent commuting back and forth from the tennis club can instead be devoted to improving your skills.

Having a tennis court built in your garden could also increase your property's value. However, this will only be the case if the court is built to a high standard and in such a way that it blends in well with the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

As such, it's important to hire a reputable tennis court construction company, who will have the knowledge, skills and experience to create a beautiful, functional tennis court.

Set up a standing practice session date with another tennis partner

One of the best ways to ensure that you practice on a regular basis is to commit to playing against a specific person at least two or three times a week.

Rather than showing up to your tennis club as and when you feel like it, and practising with a tennis ball machine or with whoever happens to be at the club on that day, you should set up a standing date with a friend or family member.

This approach will push you to practice, even on those days when you're not feeling very motivated, as you'll know that if you don't show up, you'll be letting your partner down and negatively affecting their practice sessions.